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About Us

Your Vehicle To Winning The Hispanic Customers
We don't market to the Latino Community, We market as Latinos to our Community.

El Conquistador Latino Newspaper covers the Latino Community’s particular needs and issues often less covered in the mainstream media. We play an essential role in keeping the Hispanic Community informed, which helps maintain the community’s vitality. We have established a unique position as a trusted authority in our community for more than 25 years. We are connected with a widespread integrated network of local Latino Leaders, Community Groups, Social Activists, and more.

We proudly support community events, community organizations, and local businesses starting. We aim to connect our community and serve as a bridge to the general market.


Our weekly newspaper, radio show, and events like the Latino Family Expo, Wedding and Quinceañera Expo, Cinco de Mayo Festival, Caribbean & Latin American Festival, and Annual Awards Dinner offer a unique way to reach the Latino Community. Your participation in our events is a direct investment in our community. Participating in events helps Latino consumers see you as a familiar company with which to do business.

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Our Story

Founded on July 4, 1998, El Conquistador Latino Newspaper quickly became a key Latino news source for Milwaukee's Hispanic community.
El Conquistador Latino Newspaper covers Wisconsin's Latino community's plights and good fortunes often not covered by the mass media. El Conquistador features valuable information about the community; local Latino owned businesses, entertainment, health, social, religion, politics, general information. Plus, a section for teenagers called "Lateeno News" and a page titled "Latinos In History" celebrating Latino culture, history, and traditions. 

El Conquistador's staff's spirit and determination to create an exciting, colorful, unique, and valuable publication for Milwaukee's Latino community have propelled El Conquistador newspaper toward much success, making it the longest-running Latino owned weekly bilingual newspaper in Wisconsin.

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